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You Are Never Alone

By October 6, 2013 8 Comments

A few weeks ago I found myself saying goodbye to another adventure.  This summer was spent in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia and I didn’t realize how attached I had become until I felt tears swelling in my eyes as I sat on the train heading back to New York.  It happened out of nowhere and I can’t even begin to explain what triggered it.  Mentally  I felt pretty good, but there must have been another part of my being that was less than pleased with the situation, because soon the watery eyeballs became a full tear fest.  I couldn’t stop it even though I was trying to hide the fact that I was crying from the people sitting around me.

Then something beautiful happened and I will never forget this moment for all of my life.

With tears in my eyes I notice this farm that simply took my breath away.  The way the sun was hitting the grass was something from a painting and the cows looked happy.  I know it sounds a little bizarre but they did… they were also very pretty.  As I looked out the window admiring the farm animals that were completely content in their being and this gorgeous farm, we start to pass the main house where I see him.

This man with a big round happy belly that was perfect for rubbing, around his mid-to-late forties, standing at the edge of his fence in a white tee-shirt and blue pants (they could have been overalls with the straps hanging down) waving at the train in the most jovial way.  I have never seen anyone wave to happily!  His arm was stretched above his arm and it swung side to side with all of his being.

When I saw this, my eyes lit up and I felt this wave of goodness flow over me!  For some reason I felt such comfort in seeing this man on this beautiful happy farm wave wholeheartedly at this train.  I immediately waved back because I simply couldn’t help myself or not respond to his gesture.

Thoughts of loneliness vanished.  Thoughts of fear were no longer there.  I was reminded beyond a shadow a doubt that I am not alone.  None of us are ever alone.

God is everywhere and even though I sometimes pray for BIG SIGNS, just so I can be 100% SURE that it’s a message from God the Divine often time operates in a more subtle way.  It is up to us to pay attention and as I stood there watching this man I knew that everything was going to be okay.  I didn’t need to physically see or hear the omnipresent voice of my guardian angel.. all it took was a man waving to remind me to be present and that it’s all going to be okay.

As I become more and more comfortable with this state of transition, I am reminded to pay attention to all that is around me now.  To be as present as I possibly can.  To pay attention to the ordinary for it’s highest meaning.  By paying attention to all that is around us we are made aware of how magical our being here… alive truly is!  Life becomes a partnership.

So today no matter where you are in your life or the season, appreciate the details in your life.  Look for the profound in your everyday and then dance, because once you live life in this space, you will always remember that you are never truly alone and all things are forever working together for your good.

What ordinary event took on an entirely different meaning when you truly paid attention recently in your life?

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