If You Ever Notice Someone Breaking Into…

a happy dance around the streets of New York City with a huge twinkle in her eye and a gigantic smile across her face, chances are you have spotted Motivational Speaker, and Multi-Media Producer, Tamala Baldwin, MBA. 

Tamala has had the opportunity to speak to audiences at national conventions, large and small conferences, association meetings and everything else in between.  She thrives on building powerful connections which is why her presentations are highly interactive infusing a wide variety of life affirming moments for an all inclusive audience participation experience.  The best way to bring about change is to take action and there is no time like the immediate now.  When Tamala speaks, you can guarantee that every single person in the audience walks away with tools and resources to bring about a shift right away.  She speaks from the experience of having been there and done that and it is her mission in life to help as many as she can realize their magnificence.

Tamala is armed with her MBA, with a focus in Media Management and a BA in Communications and Business Administration.  In 2011, she launched the award winning Soul Kisses TV, a multi-media platform designed to to encourage excellence of mind, body and spirit in order to create  the highest versions of life that one can imagine through various motivational content.  Tamala is currently writing a book titled, Unleash Your Magnificence: Moving Beyond The Lies We Tell Ourselves.  This book offers practical steps to peeling away the layers of past hurts, obstacles and circumstance and finding joy in the truth of who we truly are.  As a humble servant, she has a gift for storytelling and creating strategic partnership that enables her to offer solutions, along with options for people to get started on their path right where they are now.

“I would travel the world to see Tamala once again.” Benefsha, Australia.

Whether Your Desire Is To DISCOVER A Truer Sense Of Self…


or to TRANSFORM your outlook on life, REFRESH your current way of thinking or to DISCOVER all sorts of powerful tools to ELEVATE your life, bring TAMALA BALDWIN to speak and engage at your next event.

Her lively energy coupled with her dynamic and fun presentations will leave audiences CAPTIVATED and MOTIVATED to build toward their next level.

What Tamala Speaks About…


We are tremendous beings that are full with such immense power that we create the most brilliant things entirely with our minds.

After a lifetime of coming to KNOW and be in AGREEMENT with who she truly is and where she comes from, Tamala Baldwin, MBA teaches YOU how to grab hold of magnificence in order to unleash the Master within.

Tamala’s success is measured by the many lives empowered and inspired by her personal journey to courageously and consistently fight to break the chains of negative thinking and low sense self worth, which are all part of her powerfully moving live speaking engagements.

Story, Segment & Programs Include:

I Am Not My Flesh

We are capable of great power and the key to embracing all the abundance that is available to us is to get clear about “Who You Really Are.”  You are NOT your flesh.

The Courage Of A Seed

A new life begins with the understanding of your forces and how to use them.  There is so much potential within each of us and the ability to manifest our greatest desires. We talk about HOW to make the unseen seen.

My Story And Journey

I have walked through the wilderness for years and for such a long time, I thought falling was my curse.  However it is the journey to become and realize our greatness is the most beautiful gift.

Change Your Beliefs Change Your Life

Our magical tools to creating the magnificence are not only our words, thoughts and actions but our FEELINGS.  Being the sentient beings we are it’s time to use our emotions as a means to create wonderful works.

Doing The Work

The caterpillar goes through much struggle and effort to give rise to the butterfly.  We too must do the work to unleash our magnificence with excellence of mind, deed and speech.

What Choo Got

There is no one in the world like you.  You are one of a kind and being the precious commodity that you are it’s so important to realize how your journey can propel you to prosperity.. the financial kind too.

Getting Control Of Your Forces

Understanding your forces and how to use them.


"You are a soul angel! You weave magical words around me! You paint such perfect pictures of what life should really be. I am so thankful that you were sent to illuminate my life at this moment of self-doubt, sadness and confusion. You are a balm for sore minds. You are what dreams are really made of and wow how you DO MAGIC with your powerful thought provoking words. Now I know I should write the book that's been boiling in my head and let out the silent voice that has been screaming to be heard. You've liberated me! You are AWESOME-FEVER. I drink in this magic you've poured out! Thank you DIVA!"

M. Ntulli, South Africa

"And my soul sings. THANK you for the powerful words again. You know I reach out to your writings and just bask in their goodness and magnify that the universe created great people like you and my dancing soul is saying you are incredible with words. Thank you! Words are as inadequate as they sound. You are fire power..............I take a bow."

Patricia M., North Carolina

"Wow, you always seem to speak about the very thing that I need to hear. I'm really struggling with letting go and letting the universe handle it all. I want it NOW but I know it is coming. I just have to be patient and let it happen as it should. Thanks for shaking me and for stirring my soul once again."

Cynthia D., Florida



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