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When I Thought I Was Going To Have Your Babies: Lover

Lover, Just shut up and fuck me. To be quite honest, I don’t really care about whatever it is that you are feeling right now, so why continue on with this rant of yours? I am not even there with you. My thoughts are far off in some distant place and right now I just need to see you bare. […]

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When I Thought I Was Going To Have Your Babies: An Interlude

I could look at you all day You don’t even have to touch or entertain me -no dialogue or jokes, not even soft kisses Just let me look at you and my imagination will run free -whip it out for me slowly …Then I will play

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Love When I Was Younger: A Glimpse

For weeks she had just wanted him to say that he thought she was beautiful. To stand before her and softly run his round fingertips through the loose tendrils that framed her face, so she could then close her eyes and enjoy the slight touch of her cheek resting in the palm of his hand. For months she had wanted […]

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Baby With Tears & All I’m Letting Go: Day 3 Rewind, Fast Forward & Play You 24/7

I can’t tell you how often I allow myself to let go and relive you all over again. I rewind, fast forward and play it all back in slow motion, pausing at the moments where I lay clasping for your hand, speechless… I remember asking you to rub up on me – to tease me to the point where I […]

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You Like The Mirrors, But Let Me Pine Over You From The Shower

Remember when I used to tip toe into the bathroom and watch you in the shower? You were shy at first but it didn’t take much coaxing to get you used to my lascivious stares. I would slowly pull back the curtain and admire the blades of muscle that cut across your shoulders; Marvel at the way your brown skin […]

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