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Prayer For Happiness: Marianne Williamson

By October 3, 2013 8 Comments

There is so much power in positive confession or prayer.  In addition to doing an array of exercises and activities to enjoy this moment of rest in my life, I have decided to step up my prayer.  I pray all the time but there always time to pray some more.  With that in mind, I would love to share some of my favorite prayers on this blog over the next few weeks.  The prayers shared here are those that resonate with my spirit most… the kind that give you shivers all over your body when you read them.  Today it is with great pleasure to share this prayer for Happiness from one of my favorite writers, Marianne Williamson.  If you have a favorite prayer for happiness that you reference, please share in the comment section below.

With Love,


Dear God,

Please make me a force for good.
Remove from my awareness all thoughts that keep me bound here.

Every goal I surrender to you.
All agendas I surrender to you.
All that I have and all that I am I give to you.
I ask only to be carried in your arms
that I might know the joy of full surrender.

May I not be tempted to think about meaningless things
and give them weight and suffer thereby.

Please send your spirit to lift me up,
rise above the pain and turmoil of this world.

Please give me new youth, and a free and joyful spirit.

Show me the happiness of full forgiveness.
Whomever I do not forgive, dear Lord, please show me how,
for I wish to be free from the guilt of this world.

Dear God, please make me happy.
I am ready to outgrow my childish pain. Amen

Prayer from Illuminata: Thoughts, Prayers and Rites of Passages by Marianne Williamson

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  • Richa Singh says:

    When everything seems weird and complicated a sense of surrender to god brings immense speed. There is a saying my side. If god does exactly what you want its good but if he doesn’t its better. Because then he does what he thinks is best for you.

    God bless you always 🙂
    Richa Singh recently posted…“And then?”-Part 3My Profile

    • Tamala says:

      Hi there Richa!! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing with me. That is a wonderful truth… that surrender to go brings speed and peace. It’s so great… I also love that expression from your neck of the woods. He does know what is best…. I need to remember that.

  • Jean Smith says:

    Hi Tamala! Thanks for such an encouraging and inspiring post! It’s a challenge to keep up a faithful prayer life, but when your heart is seeking after the Lord’s will, He is faithful…
    keep pressing on!
    I saw this at UBC in the comment chain!
    Good luck,

    • Tamala says:

      Hi Jean… thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post. It’s one of my favorites and like you said maintaining a consistent prayer life…. I am working at it 🙂 Thank you again for stopping by from the challenge.

  • Although I’m a not a prayer type of person, this is a great post idea and will definitely inspire anyone who reads them.

  • Tamala says:

    Thank you so much Penny!! It touched me very much when I found it and I just had to share it considering the content of my posts these months. Surrender…. it’s so beautiful!!!! I’m surrendering more and more every day! Thank you so much for stopping by… you know I’m one of your fans 🙂
    Tamala recently posted…Prayer For Happiness: Marianne WilliamsonMy Profile

  • What a beautiful prayer, Tamala. Giving things up to God in no way means giving up in life as some people would think. Surrendering to our Higher Power is a spiritual practice that bestows blessing upon blessing in our lives. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.
    Penny McDaniel recently posted…Becoming A Connoisseur Of The CommonplaceMy Profile

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