Singing is something I love to do and for the past few years my focus has been entirely on theater. This year, I have been planting seeds that will allow me to sing across other mediums. It was so effortless and timely that one of my best friends, Justin Benjamin, decided to launch his production company RYDE. Now we are all adults, so it takes so much faith and courage to quit your job to follow your dream. Then again, Justin did study at Columbia for music so it was only a matter of time before he honored his calling!

So it is of no surprise that he named his production company RYDE, which stands for “Realizing Your DEstiny.” Tweet this

RYDE grew out of this nagging need that was urging him to redefine his direction and to connect more with his life’s purpose. So he thought about his approach to life in general.  A huge part of Justin’s personality is to simply going with the flow.  The “ride” theme evolved and expanded to include the concept of destiny; the letter “I” was replaced with the letter “Y,” and I filled in the blanks to create the acronym Realize Your DEstiny.

An integral part of the “realize your destiny” theme is that the journey is ultimately inextricable from your destiny. In many ways they are synonymous in his eyes. So it actually really IS about enjoying and making the most out of life, enjoying the ride. Imagine that 🙂

It is so humbling to be one of the FIRST artists that Justin is going to create with.  Tony nominee, Brandon Victor Dixon is another and it is with so much pleasure to invite you to listen to one of Justin’s most recent creations, Crush On You written by Brandon Victor Dixon. Tweet this

Everyone falls in love in the Spring so if this song makes you think of someone share it.  Actually share it anyway 🙂

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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