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A little bit about me

I am extremely multi-talented and my mission in life is to use ALL that God has given me to add more GOODNESS and LIGHT to those that I am called to serve.  In addition to be a bad-ass performance artist and story-teller, I love to teach people that what that dream of can be made real through the power of belief and the implementation of sound business principles.

Like most people, my life has been a windy road and everything has led me to this moment. I am an entrepreneur armed with an MBA, a college professor, and love preacher. You can read my artist bio here, but if you found me because you want to do what you love and simply don’t know how to to get started, please read below. We are all here to experience heaven and it all starts within.  It would be an honor to help.

Tamala is an enchanting actor of television, film and stage. A fresh face and budding talent, Tamala is gaining buzz for her award-winning series, Bubbly Brown Sugar now streaming on YouTube. She recently wrapped production on a short film, directed by LaVarro Jones, slated for a 2021 release. Currently, you can also catch Tamala recurring in the powerful role of Aisha Smallwood in “the hot new digital soap opera coming to Amazon,” Asunder! Audiences have fallen in love with Aisha Smallwood, who is a beautiful, bright, and energetic Democratic politician running for City Council of District 4 in Manhattan. A talent on the rise and a magnetic performer, Tamala certainly has an undeniably bright future ahead of her and unusual story proving that with hard work you can truly fulfill your destiny.

A gifted and creative child, at 12 years old, she was cast in her first national commercial, later chosen to play Michelle in the hit musical Harlem Kids Symphony that toured in Japan and subsequently cast in different projects. None  were ever too small, so long as they allowed her the opportunity to continue to express her passion for the arts.  Tamala studied at the Julliard School of Music for the flute where she was awarded a scholarship to their Music Advancement Program and went on to play an array of roles in her personal and professional life, including the role of caregiver to her younger sister, college professor and entrepreneur.

After graduating from Manhattan College, she went on to attend Metropolitan College of New York to earn her MBA in Media Management. Simultaneously, she was working at a major newspaper as a graphic designer and laying the foundation for her first business. The young student and entrepreneur at only 23-years-old proved she could handle lots of responsibility. One thing led to another and upon graduating with her MBA she decided to enter the digital advertising space and moved to southern California. But, no matter what twists and turns life threw at Tamala, she never fully abandoned her dream of pursuing a career as an actress. Even while managing her advertising career, she auditioned and was accepted into the William Esper Acting program, while also being mentored and trained privately by April Yvette Thompson, Marishka Phillips, Jack Waddell and Heidi Marshall, among others. Currently, she trains with Frantz Turner at the Ivana Studio.

Holding true to her roots, Tamala has starred in regional productions such as, Dreamgirls (Northshore Music Theatre), Little Shop of Horrors (The Gallery Players), Hairspray (Westchester Broadway Theater), and Sunshine Boys (John Engeman Theater) before setting her eyes on the big screen.

When she isn’t on set or at an audition, Tamala loves creating inspirational content for the Becoming Love Project, interviewing visionaries for Soul Kisses TV, meditating and extended happy hours with friends. She ooks forward to creating and producing more content and thriving as an actress and artist in New York City and beyond.