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A little bit about me

I am extremely multi-talented and my mission in life is to use ALL that God has given me to add more GOODNESS and LIGHT to those that I am called to serve.  In addition to be a bad-ass performance artist and story-teller, I love to teach people that what that dream of can be made real through the power of belief and the implementation of sound business principles.

Like most people, my life has been a windy road and everything has led me to this moment. I am an entrepreneur armed with an MBA, a college professor, and love preacher. You can read my artist bio here, but if you found me because you want to do what you love and simply don’t know how to to get started, please read below. We are all here to experience heaven and it all starts within.  It would be an honor to help.

International Empowerment Speaker

Of all the gifts given to me by God, one of my greatest gifts, is my voice. It is the instrument that makes me share my  love and joy, and allows me to connect deeply with the audience, no matter the platform. In addition to singing, using my voice inspire, empower, and motivate, speaking affords me the opportunity authentic soul connections. Spreading my light throughout the entire room, acknowledging their presence of everyone in attendance is something I consider to be a privilege. My talks are full of practical and enriching content, always offer life-changing value, and are mixed with a whole bunch of fun! — I’d LOVE to speak at your next event!

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Small Business Branding Consultant

If you want to develop your voice, make an impact, influence decision-making and generate income doing what you love, you’ve got create an authentic, brand that stimulates potential clients emotionally, resonates with their heart and mind and provokes a resounding YES to your products and services. I’m passionate and well-equipped at helping you unleash your magnificent, top shelf brand that attracts the right clients, connections and more cash. Work with me if you want to amplify your visibility, define your message, increase your authority and boost your profitability!

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Inner Transformational Coach

We are all here for the sake of someone else.  We are all here to teach and to serve as a guide to someone else. For me, this takes the of college professor and coach.  I’m passionate about helping people create a life they love by providing workshops, training and consulting services that create REAL change, provide tangible results, offers practical solutions, and activates inner inspiration and transformation. I’d love to motivate and empower you, your team, and help you thrive doing what you love by activating a shift from within!

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Copywriting & Content Strategy

Your brand is as unique as you are and I believe your voice is one of your most powerful business success tools you have to convey that to the world. The content you develop or the copy you share is simply YOUR voice on paper. If you can’t articulate it—you can’t expect others to buy it. It would be a pleasure to help you create, and brand your voice by masterfully creating marketing and sales copy so you can make your undeniable mark in the marketplace and attract MORE connections, clients and income.

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