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Live A Life Using Your Divine Gifts Using These 3 Steps

By July 29, 2013 8 Comments

Each and every one of us is born with a purpose.  No matter what you may think, the truth of the matter is that each of us is born to contribute our divine gifts to the betterment of the world.  One of the greatest tragedies of our time is that on a daily basis millions of people have their light sucked right out of them and then live their entire existence asleep to who they truly are.

There was a time in my life where I was so verbally beaten by a man, that all of the life in me was sucked right out to the point where all I wanted was to die.  I am not entirely sure when I hit my personal bottom, but I’m sure it had something to do with seeing my big brother crying over me after the fireman had to break open the door, fearing I harmed myself.  I had tried.

The universe picked me up over and over again until my foggy goggles were completely off.

By a power far greater than my own, I was made anew by God, and not a day goes by where I am not reminded that God is working through people.  Or at least trying to.

Through all of the lives I meet online and offline due to the nature of my path, I am in awe at the amount of people that are so afraid to step into their spotlight.  Afraid to even ask those important questions like “why am I here?” or “what was I born to do?”… as if we are here for any other reason.

We were born to do great things and I don’t know when it became cool to walk with your head down, to not speak your truth, to use your precious time doing something that you loathe — all of these things are distractions and masks covering up who you are.

Everyone has their own story and I completely respect that, but today I am writing to shake the hell out of those that are walking around through life completely asleep!!! Each of us has a calling and it’s time to pick up the dang phone and ANSWER IT!

No matter what you may have been programmed to believe, YOU WERE BORN WITH A GIFT!

Every single one of us was born with a unique set of gifts that are needed in the world and theUniverse or God deemed YOU the ONLY ONE to bring that particular message to the earth.

The world has conditioned us to think that if we are good at accumulating THINGS… or a whole bunch of useless shit … that must be our calling since we are good at accumulating shit.  




Your calling also has nothing to do with your Your desire to make a shit ton of money – that is yours by divine right anyway, BUT that’s another story for another day.  You are charged with the responsibility of using your gifts and TALENTS given to you to make YOUR contribution to the betterment of this world, in a way that only YOU can.

So the question of the hour is what have you been charged to do?  What is your DIVINE contribution? What gifts are you sharing for the greater good?

No matter your true purpose, whether it’s business, the arts, the justice system, education… and so forth and so forth, here are some life lessons to keep close to your heart as you continue on your journey:

  1. Develop a sense of tunnel vision: Stop comparing yourself to people around you.  This is HUGE!  HUGE!  If you stop paying attention to what is happening in the lives of those around you and focus on your story, your journey – you will save yourself hours of mental anguish.  This is the first step in creating a and abundant life.  When you develop that laser sharp focus the expectations of what you should be doing, where you should be at a certain time in your life fade away with the quickness – because you are aligned with something far greater and powerful than the social constructs of man.
  2. Strive for things where God has to show up: I don’t know when it happens but somewhere along the lines many of us become conditioned to shrink back and dim our light.  Today is the day that we say NO MORE and step fearlessly into YOUR spotlight!  Think of the highest.  Think of the best.  Think of ideas, projects and aspirations that require a miracle.  Then watch God show up and touch every area of your life.  Terry Boykins of Street Positive says, “if no one is laughing at your dreams, then you’re not dreaming big enough.” SHINE! 
  3. Do not feed energy to your naysayers: Do not give them a second thought.  Actually remove them from your atmosphere, literally, figuratively, mentally and physically.  The great leaders and visionaries of our time did just this – focused on their mission and in their own unique way, changed the world.  Think of Einstein, Oprah, Steve Jobs and so forth. You don’t think people along the way told them they were “crazy” for their ideas and their callings?  HA! The difference between them and most of the world is that they simply mastered how NOT to listen.
If you PUSH THROUGH you WILL receive your BREAK THROUGH!

What are you creating that in order for it to happen GOD HAS to show up?

What has been put on your heart that is setting you up to give as well as receive?

Where are you, VICTORIOUS SPIRITS of this world?  Stop hiding when we were born to FLY.

This is written with so much love but also I’m also writing to remind those that have become complacent to STEP UP.  This is not the time to settle because the world needs what YOU have to offer. I have conquered so many personal demons and every day I thank GOD for the opportunity for another day to be and choose better.

So tell me, how are YOU going to answer the call that God has placed in your heart? 

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