I have a quick question for anyone that may be reading this.  How do you keep your eye on the prize no matter what may be happening around you??

I am going to be honest and let you all know that I am in between gigs and I have no idea when the next one is going to manifest.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there will be another opportunity to do what I love, however it could be tomorrow, a year from now and somewhere in between those two extremes.  Be that as it may, I have a habit of spiraling into a pit of hopelessness when I am in the midst of the unknown… when it comes to my career that is.  I have been back in New York for a little over two weeks and I feel myself slipping from this amazing high I’ve had for over a year due to this sense of fear.  It would be so unfortunate to end 2013 feeling anything other than sheer gratefulness, so I am going to pick myself up by the bootstraps and keep my eye on the prize no matter what.

And guess what?  I am going to try to take as many people as I can along with me.

For the next 31 days I am going to share tips, tidbits and a whole bunch of yummyliciousness on how to stay fired up about creating the life of your dreams.  No matter your industry or where you are in your life, we can end this magical year on the highest note possible by keeping our eye on the prize.  I am personally implementing all of the tips mentioned into my life as a means to keep my thoughts and energy focused only the good and true.

To kick off this challenge I want to encourage you to STOP waiting around for the phone to ring, canceling and postponing plans just in case an opportunity you’ve been waiting for arises… like a booking.  We are shortchanging ourselves and our beautiful lives when we do this.  So figure out how to enrich your life.  Go on a vacation.  Learn something new completely unrelated to your business.  Start working on that hobby you’ve always been interested in.  Have fun and celebrate everyday of your life.  Don’t live from booking to booking… it’s such a small way to live if you really think about it.

Since this series is designed to not only inspire whoever needs this, but also myself let me tell you how I’m working on getting a life!  I booked a trip to New Orleans with one of my best friends from college.  This is something I NEVER do in between gigs because I think about the what if?  What if I book a show?  What if there is an audition?  What if this and what if that has prevented me on going on a vacation in over four years.  That stops and I can not WAIT to go on this mini adventure with one of my dear friends.  I am also researching belly dancing classes in my area.  I used to take them when I was working in the corporate world and it was so much fun!  I felt so feminine and beautiful…. to be honest, I am excited about the idea of taking these classes once again.  I’ll be sure to share pictures and updates about all of this on my Facebook Page and I hope you do the same.

I am so excited about this and I hope to share and grow with so many people this month.

Tell me, what kinds of extracurricular activities do you participate in to add balance to your life?

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  • Now you see how you’ve been blessed Tamala? You were asking me for a comment, I come here to post and I see you have 17!!!

    What a great post and what a wonderful attitude to have; with an outlook like that I have no doubt that you will have another job in no time 🙂

    That’s so funny that you mentioned belly dancing because I was thinking about getting a DVD and trying it out lol!

    • Avatar Tamala says:

      You should so get a DVD!! But if you can take a class. There are male drummers that seem to be playing just for you.. once you really get into the moment. And the fact that you’re moving in harmony with all these other beautiful woman… it’s just a great experience.
      Thank you so much for commenting Nadine :)))))

  • I really enjoy reading about what you are up to Tamala, a really rather marvellous breath of fresh air! We have only recently connected via Facebook and what you and I do in a creative way are a long way apart in content, though similar in another way. I have just looked at the clips on your website of you singing, dancing, and ALWAYS with that happy, beaming, so infectious smile that you have. I think you just have to carry on being you, the gigs will come, and should keep coming. Enjoy your life and holidays (being an Englishman I find vacation a little confusing, but language varies methinks!) and keep on smiling and believing your talents and gifts. Myself, I write. My subjects are not always ‘mainstream’, I like to have a little ‘pop’ at politicians, always in a way that I hope is with humour and fun, not to be taken too seriously. For I know, we all know, that politicians are needed, decision makers are needed, leaders are needed. I think part of the strength of democracies like those in Britain and America is the right and ability to challenge decisions, to put one’s own views forward. My particular way of doing that is through – I hope – the humour in my writing. Anyway, please keep telling us all how you are getting on, keep singing, keep dancing, keep believing, and above all be yourself and keep smiling. I look forward to seeing you as The Main Event in our Royal Albert Hall in London one day!
    alec james hawkes recently posted…The Missing Thunderbird…My Profile

  • Hi Tamala,

    Let me first start off by saying thank you for this post! As I was reading it I found myself getting excited for you AND myself. I began to make a mental note of all the things I’ve been wanting to do, but have put off because “life” has gotten in the way.

    Second, this post echos the very concept I came up with in naming my own blog. As a result of embarking upon my weight loss journey, my goal was to start to experience life on my terms and to simply “come alive”. I can totally relate to throwing caution to the wind and enjoying life to the fullest.

    Lastly, oh the places we could all go if we had your energy and enthusiasm for life. Your effervescence leaps off the page. Girl, I’m telling you, you got me ready to sing and dance and to do a little ditty over here 🙂

    Just like many of the other comments, I am looking forward to reading future posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment…for that’s how I found you. So very nice to meet you!

    • Avatar Tamala says:

      Stacey your comment made me feel so good about myself! Thank you so much for taking the time to write me such a heartfelt comment!!!!

      I too am challenging myself to lose some weight. So if you ever need support I am more than happy to give it. 🙂 How is that going for you so far? I actually signed up for Nutrisystem and it’s working for me… helping me NOT to eat an entire box of cookies.. LOL

      I am so happy you started your blog and are taking the steps to feel alive every day of the year…. I can’t wait to witness your blossoming. 🙂
      Tamala recently posted…Prayer For Happiness: Marianne WilliamsonMy Profile

  • Tamala, I love this idea. Glad to see you back in the Challenge. I am planning to do more traveling to Florida to see my two small grandchildren. I was just there two weeks ago and I have made a comittment to myself to go back often. No more what ifs!:-) Always take time for yourself. See ya tomorrow!
    Cheryl Foss McDaniel recently posted…An Introduction To “Beautiful You”My Profile

  • Avatar K.Lee Banks says:

    Hi Tamala! I echo what others have said; I saw your post in the Facebook UBC group and I haven’t been back for awhile to your blog. Looks like I need to do some reading here, though, because you have certainly hit on a familiar chord.

    The irony for me is that I have been trying to finish up a blog series on the topic of procrastination, priorities, and purpose – and it has been quite a struggle to do so!

    My “fun” project that I’m working on is to add a special line of products to my Etsy shop, called “K-Lee’s Kollectibles” that will be ready-to-buy items (pillows, quilts, bags) with imprinted photos (fall and holidays). Gotta get sewing!!

    Thanks for sharing – I’ll be back to read more!
    K.Lee Banks recently posted…Reflecting on the Day I Became a MomMy Profile

    • Avatar Tamala says:

      Hey there Karen!!! It’s so good to hear from you. I am so looking forward to your blog posts this month.

      Why do you think it’s been a struggle to finish your procrastination, priorities and purpose series? Are you focused on other things or are you just not excited about it at the moment? Your etsy shop sounds WONDERFUL! I hope you share your products!!!!!! How fun!! I need to take a sewing class… I would make stuff all the time… so I say now 🙂

  • Avatar Dayna Camp says:

    Hi Tamala, I enjoyed reading your post! I do understand where you are at. I teach piano. Last year I had almost 20 students and this year I have 1. Most of the loss is due to the fact that I am no longer teaching at the private school I taught at for the past 3 years.

    So I’m ramping up my blogging and internet pursuits. I’m also doing a lot more crocheting and will try to sell my items. (I love crocheting)

    I’m also trusting God to bring the students I need if that is His plan for me. Since I have a son with sp. needs, this could be a way the Lord is showing me how I do need to change directions .
    Dayna Camp recently posted…Day 1 How to Start A Blog – The Most Important Step When you Start A BlogMy Profile

    • Avatar Tamala says:

      Hi there Dayna!! You know exactly what I’m going through!!!! I love that you are trusting God and I guess this is where I am having trouble. I say I trust God, have faith and know that there will be another opportunity, YET I live my life completely opposite… I get depressed, worry and panic – which is such a contradiction. I need to be more like you and REALLY trust… and REALLY live as well!!! Maybe that is the lesson… to LIVE no matter what.

      Here is blessings raining upon us and the answers we need coming to us!!!

      So happy I met you!!! 🙂

      PS I hope to see some of your goods… your crocheting.

  • Wow, I found you on the UBC list and am so glad I did. A car wreck in July has totally turned my world upside down. Leaving me unable to take a regular job due to damage to my back that is permanent and now my husband is being forced into medical leave because of his back issues from it as well. Today has been a difficult day to think positive.. Have a great day hun
    Southern Angel recently posted…My love quote to live by… UBC DAY 2My Profile

    • Avatar Tamala says:

      I am so happy we found each other. I just left you a comment on your blog and I hope to hear back from you. Well…. I know you’re having a rough day but I hope you sat on your beautiful porch barefoot while sipping on some sweat tea… all while appreciating the trees and the sunshine. Peace will come and it will be okay. It’s always okay 🙂
      Tamala recently posted…Keeping Your Eye On The Prize October ChallengeMy Profile

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    Oh, I have such a hard time with balance these days. I have 3 kids: a preschooler, highschooler and one in between. I’m constantly running from activity to activity and then on the computer. I’ve started with really trying to take a break from everything on the weekends. I’m hoping to find time to add back in some of my hobbies.

    A trip sounds awesome! Have fun!
    Amanda recently posted…Patience and AttitudeMy Profile

  • Avatar Verna Murphy says:

    Wow, were you reading my blog from the other day? LOL…I have felt so off balance for months, I had made a pledge last year that in my 40th year I was finally going to make myself a priority. Life had a different plan, and the stress of some terrible things threw me off…I look forward to you helping me get back on track!

    • Avatar Tamala says:

      Hi there Verna! Hehehe.. I was not checking out your blog (I am going to visit you now) but I’m so happy we found each other. We can totally help one another!!!! I am delighted to hear that you are making yourself a priority… you must!!! Can’t wait to learn more about you amiga 🙂

  • Hi Tamala,

    Enjoy your trip to LA. You never know what opportunities will surface when you clear your head, get out of your routine and see life with fresh eyes. I’m a fellow UBC participant and look forward to getting to know you.

    As for balance, I’ve spent most of my life equally divided between physical and cerebral activities. It works for me.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Small business marketing against the grainMy Profile

    • Avatar Tamala says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and to comment! I look forward to reading your posts and welcome to the challenge! I have met so many wonderful and gifted people.

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