If you’re a friend of mine you know that the past year and a half has been bloody amazing, in PART because my ass worked consistently.  It was bloody AMAZING! I returned in the middle of September knowing that this was going to be a season of planting though I want my HARVEST all the time.  I know I sound spoiled and God is clearly working on this part of my character, nevertheless to stay sane I started writing a series of blog posts on Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize.  Feel free to check it out if time permits by clicking this link.

Jobs and Ish

In other news, I booked a small part in a short film as part of my goals of putting together a film reel.  Now that I have my theater union card I want to explore other areas of performance art like Film/TV.  Unlike theater, it’s so important to have a reel showcasing your work.  I was going to pay to create a reel using original materials but that was way out of my budget.  My good friend also advised me to simply book work and add actual credits to your resume.  In all honesty, that DOES make sense – so I started submitting away.  Then I booked one.

We shot the two scenes I am in over the weekend and it was such a great learning experience.  Film is so DIFFERENT from theater.  It’s too early to tell which one I love most but I’ll keep you posted.


It’s so important to train consistently so I took an awesome intensive with Telsey and Company casting director, Rachel Hoffman.  I wrote a post about it highlight my experience so if you’re curious head on over.  Furthermore, I submitted to the acting conservatory at William Esper Studio .  My initial interview was earlier in November and my second interview is the first week of December.  I’m excited about becoming better.  Stay tuned.

My Business

I’ve been writing a book to assist in the launch of my freelance business called The Actor Brand.  Again, now that I don’t have to stand outside in the freezing cold every single day… for hours at a time… for a chance to audition… it’s time to marry my two passions – BUSINESS and ACTING.  For some reason, I meet so many people that ask ME for advice on branding, design, marketing, and how to get started in the acting world.  Being that I’ve worked for major record labels (Columbia, Warner Brothers etc) and a ton of corporate clients like Photobucket, Reverb Nation and a slew of others, I thought I should package what I know and share it with people that may need it.

I am still working on EVERYTHING regarding my freelance business but the logo is done… but that may change too – you never know.. LOL Anyhoot, it was designed by Digital Drastic and I invite you to check, check it out:


If you want to know when we launch and to get your free copy of the book sign up to the email list.  I will be giving away my book to the first 100 subscribers so go on and show me some love and JOIN HERE!

As you know I am all about working together so we can all win SO if you think I can help you out in any way, shoot me an email.

Until next time folks!

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