This month is all about following our dreams and keeping our eyes on the prize at all times, no matter what may be happening around us.  Today I was inspired to share a post from one of my favorite people, Catrice Jackson, who is the author of several self-help books.  She is driven to help as many women as she can to own their power and honor their gifts.  Here is a post on dreams… yours, mine and how to hold on to them.  Enjoy! 

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]on’t take your dreams to the grave! There may be more dreams in the graveyard than those fully lived out and brought to life. I don’t have any proof this is true but I do know many women who are not living their dreams today.  If tomorrow never came, that’s exactly what would happen to their dreams, they’d be laid to rest and never lived. I’m pretty confident in saying fear is the number one reason dreams never come to fruition. 

So what is a dream really? Is it an illusion, a hope yet to be experienced or something we have the power to make tangible in our lives?

Dreams are simply the desires of your heart.

Dreams are your visions of how you want to be, how you want to live and how you want to show up in your life. There are no rules to dreaming. There is no right or wrong way to dream. When you dream you allow yourself to imagine what you want, desire and need in your life. Some say nothing comes to sleepers but a dream, I say if that’s true we need to schedule moments to get quiet, fall asleep and dream the biggest dreams possible.

Dreaming is the “easy” part so to speak, making them or allowing them to become real presents more of a challenge. What’s fairly common is people are afraid to fail.  They are afraid to take steps to fulfill their dreams because the inner critic whispers in their ear “what if my dreams don’t come true?” They listen to this voice, give it power and thus fail to dream and take action.  There are others who fail to dream because they fear success.  When you reach a place of success there are some unspoken expectations of how you “should” be and how you “should” live your life.  Many people avoid striving for this place of success because they believe they cannot meet these expectations.  You can see what happens when you fear failure, you do not take steps forward and when you fear success you avoid making your dreams a reality.

So how do you begin to go from dreams feared to fulfilling your dreams? Here a few action steps you can take now to courageously begin to live your dreams.

  1. Dreaming is your birth right. Dare to dream and go ahead and dream as big as possible as often as you like. 
  2. Be mindful to not allow others to define any part of your dreams.  It’s your life so create your dreams based on what you need, want and desire. 
  3. Don’t put limits on your dreams.  Bringing your dreams to life is a process and a journey you should anticipate and enjoy instead of dreading each step. 
  4. Accept that failure and success will be a part of bringing your dreams to life. Failure is simply an opportunity to retool, refocus, recharge and start again.  Failure is a life lesson that teaches you what you want and what you don’t want. Failure sheds light on what works and doesn’t work for you and shows you how strong, wise and brave you are. 
  5. Write your dreams down, create a dream board, take steps everyday to bring your dream one step closer to fruition. Believe you have the power to bring them to life an own your ability to be the creator of your life. 
  6. Accept that you will experience fear on the journey of bringing your dreams to life. Embrace those fears, don’t run from them, face them and look for the past and current proof that you can conquer those fears. 
  7. Make a choice! Choose to keep your dreams buried within or step out of your comfort zone and take inspired action to manifest your dreams and live a fulfilled life. Focus less on the outcomes, enjoy the journey, laugh at yourself, take risks, trust that you deserve to live your dreams and do it afraid if you have to.

The truth about fear is that it will always be a part of your life.  The truth about fear is that it is a most often a future state of mind.  The truth about fear is that the best weapon against it is love.  The truth about fear is that it is powerful beyond measure.  The final truth about fear is that love of yourself, love of life, love for other people and love for the world can diminish the power of fear and afford you more peace, joy, ease and grace in your life.  The truth about you is that you can choose to be fearless by doing more than dreaming you can begin living your dreams.

If you are ready to live brave be sure to pick up your copy of The Art of  Fear-Free Living today. 

Do you practice any of the action items mentioned above as a means to stay clear and focused on your highest dreams? If so, which one do you implement into your life most?

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About The Author Catrice M. Jackson, M.S., LMHP, LPC

International Empowerment Speaker & Global Visionary Leader of the Get NAKED Movement.  Author of The Art of Fear-Free Living and Delicious! The Savvy Woman’s Guide for Living a Sweet, Sassy and Satisfied Life.  Website:


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  • What an inspiring post. I decided a few years ago to stop living my life on pause and to get to work on making my dreams come true. I’m walking that path now, and as you said there is both failure and success along the way. What keeps me moving forward is the decision I made that I did not want to get to the end of my life and have regrets about all that I didn’t do. I have some God sized dreams in the works. And when they are realized He will get all the glory. Thank you for sharing this. I am definitely going to incorporated these steps into my action plan 🙂
    Stacey Strickler recently posted…All The Excuses I Can Think OfMy Profile

  • Avatar Carolyn M says:

    I’m pretty sure that the things (at age 53) that have to deal with not going for more dreams is 1) lack of funds 2) distance traveling 3) lacks of funds to buy another car 4) lack of funds for all things necessary for this dream.

    All the other things you mentioned are quite fine 🙂

    Thanks for the article!
    Carolyn M recently posted…Google Sets Plan to Sell Users’ Endorsements (in other words, you should read this before it’s too late)My Profile

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