Before you read this blog, let me preface it by saying that I am on a sleep-deprivation high.  I should be knocked out but the momentum from the day is all hitting me at nearly 4 in the morning.  Isn’t that just annoying?

With that said, this blog is more like a flowing stream of my thoughts for the day.  I will return tomorrow to our regular scheduled programming manana.  Now, let’s get on with it 🙂

My acting coach is always taken-aback by the notion that I want to be a star right now even though I am just starting out.  She tells me that it takes years and years of studying, even after going to college or a conservatory for Acting/Theater.

Intellectually that makes complete sense,  but there are moments where I just want to speed this process up a little bit.  Get to the next BIG thing at least!  I left the corporate world 4 years ago, shouldn’t I be super close to making it? (<– The crazy thoughts in my head.)

Where is that is making it?

For me, making it for me is manifesting every one of my hearts desire and one of this biggest checkpoints that will lead to all the others (in my mind) is Broadway but perhaps I’m being delusional.

I always receive great feedback from everyone I’ve ever worked with to the point where I get referrals for more work.  Even if I don’t get cast in a show my auditions are pretty solid that I get referred to other projects I may be more appropriate for.   It’s great!!  It really helps me keep my eye on the prize while I skip down this journey of mine.

Be that as it may, there are instances where I feel I need to hear the constructive criticism (Because I’m clearly not performing at the Tony’s… YET) which is why I decided to sign up for an intensive at Telsey and Company with Rachel Hoffman.

For those that are not involved in the film/tv/theater world, Telsey & Company is a casting agency that’s kind of a big deal.

I mean, they are the shit and they cast for all the hottest projects.  The past year or so, they cast the following Broadway shows, Porgy and Bess, Motown, Sister Act, Wicked and a slew of other shows that I can’t remember at the moment because I’m not right for them sooooooooooo they are slipping from my brain.

Rachel Hoffman is very important casting director and I’ve had a few opportunities to sing for her.  She’s totally cool, down to earth and really cute. She’s always been very supportive in the audition room – she WANTS you to succeed so she can cast you – I FEEL that sometimes when I sing for her…. and to be honest, I’ve dropped the ball a few times.

I mean it happens.  Just like you have an off day at work, us performers have off audition days.  When it happens it totally sucks ESPECIALLY when you’re auditioning at bloody TELSEY!  Needless to say I’ve never received a callback  after auditioning for Rachel.

Ummm… I am forgetting the point of this blog post… wait…. it’s coming back….. I… think.




Okay it’s back!

Yeah, so I wanted to know WHY!  Why I’ve never received a callback from the incredible Rachel.  I mean, sure at the time, I had like three credits but I’m so awesome…. doesn’t that count? LOL

Seriously, I am not in the union and I don’t want to spend the next four years making the same mistakes and not growing, so I figured it was time to KNOW what Rachel thought about my auditions.  When I was looking for employment as an advertising executive, the recruiters always had feedback from the client.  It was a given that if you didn’t get the job, there were specific reasons and you were told what they were.  It’s so HELPFUL.  In the land of theater, no one tells you shit.  LOL  But this was not the case during this intensive… Rachel was an authentic and to the point coach during this intensive.

For about 2.5 seconds I was a little bit bummed about the feedback, but now I am going to use it.

Use it to be better.

Use it as a building block to get to where I want to go which is the BWAY BABY!

I’ve already left messages with Broadway Master Coaches Craig Carnelia that Rachel mentioned during the class and Sheri Sanders who offers a rock audition prep class.  I don’t even want to THINK about how much this is going to cost me (*insert sad face*)… but it’s all an investment right??????

I’m excited!

I feel fired up!

As some of you may know, I have my MBA as opposed to an MFA so I’m still learning…. and if I need to pay $200 an hour for a class until I break my own little ceiling, then I guess that’s what I’m going to have to do.

I just wanted to share my day with you all.  I’ll write a more useful blog tomorrow.

Thanks for bearing with me!

Love, love, love!

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