I can’t believe I am actually here…. in New York on Labor Day weekend because I received a phone call to audition for a musical… I mean, it’s kind of a big musical.  Let me rewind a little bit… late last week I get an email from my manager to audition for a show but it conflicted with my current show schedule so I wasn’t able to attend.  I gave him my availability thinking that would be the end of the story because it’s rare that the same opportunity knocks twice.  It did.  My manager emails me back that same afternoon with a new appointment that coincides with my days off.  I thought OH SHOOT!  The news was completely unexpected and I immediately went to work on travel arrangements.

My most recent project is in this gorgeous town of West Virginia but it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere and flights were ridiculously priced.. perhaps it had something to do with the holiday.  In any event, I decided on renting a car and driving the 9 hour drive to New York to audition.

The first few hours of my drive were a gift from God.  I actually remember thanking God for this opportunity simply because I was able to soak in this beautiful scenery… I mean it was absolutely breathtaking with minimal traffic.  Until I arrived in Trenton, New Jersey on the awful New Jersey Turnpike!  80 miles an hour in this beautiful natural terrain to creeping at 20 miles an hour in a concrete jungle!  This feeling of peace and serenity slowly turned to stress.  In addition to my mood changing, as did my thoughts.  I began to think, this is so silly!  Who rents a car, drives almost 10 hours on their day off JUST for an audition?  I am sensitive enough to know these thoughts were coming from a low place… I was hungry, stuck in gridlock and had been in a car for over seven hours.  Nevertheless, they were there and it SUCKED!

Rather than wallowing in those dark thoughts of this possibly being one FOOLISH decision, I cranked up the music and began to practice my audition song.  Soon I forgot all about the snail pace me and everyone around me was moving at, and began to feel good again.  Then the traffic picked up… a little bit and I was smiling again.

Now I am home in the comfort of my bed and feeling completely restored and grateful for another incredible opportunity.  Who knows what is going to happen at this audition but that is of no consequence.  What I do know is that I am proving to the DIVINE once again that I am willing to fight and work for what I want.  God knows that I am willing to invest my time, energy and money to share these gifts of mine.  If that is all that results from this trip then I am at peace with that.  Sometimes you have to have those one on one meetings with the Universe and sometimes it comes in the form of a 10 hour drive, on your day off… just to see if you’re actually willing to try.  Well God, I am more than happy to try.

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