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All women are a gift and each of us are to be celebrated simply for the magical beings that we are. Today, Harlem Fusion Studios is excited to release a CURVY GIRLS ROCK season 1 teaser!

Curvy Girls Rock was created with the intention of giving women authentic representations in television. In contrast to the common narrative of women in film/television, which paints them to be passive, weak, and lacking in agency, the female leads of CGR are strong, independent, funny and ambitious. The trail-blazing series is written, produced and directed by Shakesha Williams, who believes that the characters of CGR are true reflections of the majority of women around the world, in both body image and individuality.

Body image aside, the series tells the stories of five women from different walks of life, trying to balance the demands of their career, love and sex lives.

Be there for the can’t-miss 8-part weekly series coming in 2018! To stay connected with the series, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook!



  • Avatar Mei says:

    I really love the idea! it seems really interesting and would absolutely make many girls who aren’t “skinny enough” feel better in their skins

  • sounds interesting, maybe I’ll try to watch

  • Avatar Aziel Morte says:

    I haven’t heard about this and looks so interesting for me I should check this out. Glad that you share this

  • I love it! I’ll have to check it out 🙂 It does get tiring seeing perfect people on tv all the time haha! It’s always refreshing to see normal looking women represented. I hate that whenever it ISN’T a perfect person, they’re the “fat girl”. You know what I mean? Ugh

  • Avatar Via Bella says:

    I had heard a little bit about this and I would love to watch the series. I am not sure where I fit in.

  • I am pretty sure the movie will be as good as the teaser. I would definitely love to watch it. I like when movies picture reality as normality and empathies with us. I always believed beauty has no standards or shape. Bullied when I was little for being too skinny and dreamt of having beautiful and big curves.

  • Avatar EG III says:

    Awesome trailer! The quality looks amazing and I’m looking forward to checking this out. Curvy girls DO rock and this series looks like it’s gonna be a good one!

  • Yes, we need it. We need true women represented for all. Do you notice there are no curvy moms? All moms are perfectly trim and fit. Except Roseanne. Rosanne is the only mom I could remember that wasn’t slender, and she was funny by crass.

  • Avatar Denni says:

    I love that media and fashion are bringing more and more curvy in the spotlight ! the only issue is that they show a size 8-10 as being curvy (facepalm)

  • Avatar Elizabeth O says:

    I’ve heard some buzz about this upcoming show and look forward to watching it. We need wider ranges of character development, storylines, and shows that feature women of color. This is a step in the right direction.

  • Avatar Kallia says:

    I love that shows like curvy girls rock are now available and preferred. I have always been a plus size, cyrvy woman and it feels empowering to see women like myself be shown on the screen! Body positivity movement for the win!

  • Avatar ashley says:

    this show looks very good! there should be more empowering shows like this. I must add it to my lineup!

  • Avatar Jajwalya says:

    This is super! You must have worked so hard to put up a show of this sort and I am very glad to see the inclusive nature of the show. All the very best and good luck on new beginnings!

  • Oh this sounds like a really interesting season and definitely something I’d love to watch, it’s nice to have exclusivity x

  • I love the sound of ‘Curvy Girls rock’, especially as it has such an empowering messages and teaches us to be comfortable in our own skin. I love that it is a positive mantra!

  • Avatar Carrie says:

    I’m always surprised by what media, and designers, refer to as “curvy”. Apparently my idea of average is curvy.

    • Avatar Tamala says:

      I think Curvy is anything that isn’t what mainstream defines as the ideal weight.. which is definitely not the average size of the majority of women in America. 70 percent are a size 12 or larger. Thank you so so much for stopping by.

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