Building Your Brand Brick By Brick

I work with faithful, adventurous, and powerful social entrepreneurs who want to create impactful brands with an engaged following that eat out of the palm of their hands.  I teach small business owners how to use their God-given gifts and talents to generate profit through social media, marketing tactics and strategic action plans that work. As a result, we create a solid foundation that allows you to make your highest ideals real!

Creating A Plan Of Action

With a star-studded background in marketing and branding, combined with years of professional experience in the performance arts and social entrepreneurship, I can help you develop a plan and create the necessary tools to kick start your BUSINESS.  Together we will create a personalized game plan geared to get you from where you are in the business to where you want to be.  Please take a look at the available coaching options below…

Complimentary Biz Possibilities Session

You have had this idea for years and now more than ever, you are ready to take the necessary steps to make it a reality.  Be that as it may, there is a part of you that is still afraid to take that first step or perhaps you are unsure of what that first step may be.  Allow me to be of service and assist you in making your dream a reality.

organizer-791939_1920These complimentary Biz Possibilities Sessions  are designed for entrepreneurs ready to honor their vision and are seriously in search of coaching and start-up advice, or concrete branding strategies for their social media & online properties. This is ideal for non-profits, creative entrepreneurs, consultants, service providers, and socialpreneurs. Take a few seconds to click below and Book yours now.

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Start-Up Life: One On One Coaching

This customized program is created for the driven artist and business owner that has a vision and wants to harness their skills, talents and strengths to turn their business dreams into reality. Each session is customized to fit the clients need in order to provide the most value and impact. Please learn more about this package below:

  • We work together to identify your goals in business and life. We work on your strategy and vision for your business.
  • We work on action plans so that you can achieve your business milestones. We develop a powerful marketing plan and make sure you implement it.
  • We troubleshoot to identify and remove business barriers.
  • We look at your work/life balance. We identify and work through any personal challenges and barriers
Designed for creatives and entrepreneurs, this package includes:
  • Four one-hour personal telephone sessions per month
  • Free ‘fair use’ email support between sessions.
  • Free support phone calls between sessions.
  • Free laser emergency phone sessions.

    Investment In Your Magnificent Dream: $300 per month ($75.00 an hour) *Please email me if you are interested in scheduling a payment arrangement.

    Investment: $300

    Getting Clarity About Your Purpose

    This option was created for YOU if you aren’t quite sure of your goals… you just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is MORE. Our emphasis will be on the work-related elements of your life. But as work and life are so closely linked, we’ll be taking a broad view of you within your working world and then honing, with clarity, the specifics of precisely how you can build the life you want to live.

    We work together to help you discover your passions…business and life PurposeSite
    We work together on creating an ideal blueprint for your life and business
    We troubleshoot together to identify and remove business barriers
    We look at your work/life balance
    We identify and work through any personal challenges and barriers

    Designed for creatives, artists and entrepreneurs, this program includes:

    Four one-hour personal telephone sessions per month
    Free ‘fair use’ email support between sessions
    Free support phone calls between sessions
    Free laser emergency phone sessions

    Investment In Your Magnificent Dream: $300 per month ($75.00 an hour)

    Your Investment: $300

    Coaching by Phone

    All coaching sessions are delivered by web video or phone, so you don’t need to worry about taking time off work or traveling across highways and byways to see me.  Coaching by the tele is tremendously powerful as we can both concentrate and focus on the content of our call with no distractions.  We just book the date and time and I call you.

    A Quick Note About The Program Length

    Similar to hiring an outside marketing or public relations agency to handle certain elements of your business, the benefits of coaching accrue over time.  With that in mind, in order to  get the most out of your investment, you should commit to an initial three months.  This gives both of us an appropriate amount of time to help you achieve your goals. However, you will start to benefit during the first week of your coaching.

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