When my website had a makeover I was committed to blogging as often as I could throughout the year.  In order to keep my promise, in July I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge and did pretty well.  In August, I completely fell and bounced OFF the wagon but that is neither here nor there.  The purpose of this blog is inspired by LA based actress Brandi Ford. While I was doing research on how to market and grow this blog, I decided to do a little research to see what other folks in my industry wrote about.  It was a little hard to find actor blogs that were up to date let alone a comprehensive list of actors that blog (not celebrities but more about people on the rise, like me)  That was until I came across Brandi’s blog.  She compiled a list of actor blogs categorized by location and sure there are a bunch of blogs that haven’t been updated since 2010 but there are a good chunk of them that are active and pretty fun to read.

I decided to submit my blog to Brandi in hopes of her adding my blog to this list.  A few days ago she wrote me a kind letter apologizing for the delay in her response but happily added me to her list. You can check it out here.  But now, I want to showcase my creative peers that are blogging about their artistic journey.  So if you’re a performer or a writer and would like to be included in this list, shoot me an email with a link to your blog, your primary niche (singer, actor, dancer, writer) and your city.  Emails can be sent to info at tamalabaldwin dot com.  I can’t wait to check out ALL of these blogs.

New York Actors
Los Angeles Actors
Other Markets Actors


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  • Your site is beautiful!

    I’m a performer, but only ministry related and volunteer, but I love it so. I had huge respect for people as talented as yourself who pursue dreams of using their talents full time. I pray that my writing and speaking may one day be that, but until then I’ll keep sharing my story and voice as I can.

    Thanks for visiting, and so glad I was able to come over and ‘meet’ you.
    Anita @ Losing Austin recently posted…Kindness WeekMy Profile

    • Avatar Tamala says:

      It was my pleasure to visit!!! I learned so much about you and I am going to have to leave you a few more comments.
      Thank you so much for the compliment on the site design! I means so much to me…. I love it 🙂
      I wish you a wonderful journey of speaking and writing… you definitely have a story to tell!!!! Keep pushing and sharing.. it will happen 🙂

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