There are moments in my life where I am in such a rush for all of my dreams to come true, especially the ones centered around my career.  There are days where I simply can’t wait for it to all unfold and I am doing all that I can to force it all into existence right here and now.  Now we all know that isn’t how the Universe works.  We can try to take the wheel but all we are going to do (in most instances) is burn out, cause ourselves unnecessary grief and end up surrendering to God.

This is my pattern.  I get into such a frenzy that I end up driving myself crazy…. I sleep very little, I shut out everything that is completely unrelated to my dreams, I run all over the city at all sorts of ungodly hours to audition, only to go home feeling completely defeated.  After weeks and sometimes months of this cycle I usually end up having some sort of breakdown that ends of with me surrendering to the Divine.  It’s so exhausting.  I hate feeling that way yet somehow it became a habit that I am crushing with my big 9.5 feet right here and now!

My dreams and the pursuit of my dreams, of all of our dreams, is supposed to be a magical journey.  It’s meant to be an adventure that gives expression to the highest parts of Who We Are.  When we become so attached to the outcome we diminish the entire process of our becoming.

Yesterday morning I came across a powerful quote that resonated with my entire being.  It said, “Do NOT let your heart’s DESIRE become your heart’s DISEASE.”  Isn’t that GLORIOUS!!!!! How many have fallen into this obsessive trap where our dreams and the journey to them become painful?

In the book, The Secret Door To Success, Florence encourages us to LEARN TO RELAX.  She reiterates that our big opportunities and big successes usually slide in when we least expect it.  You have to let go long enough for the great law of attraction to operate.  Here is an awesome analogy I also came across while reading this book.  Imagine a little round black magnet (mine has a little fro and a smiley face on it).  Be like this magnet.  Do not worry.  Do not become anxious.  Magnets stand up straight and don’t have a single a care in the world because it knows needles can’t help jumping to it.  The things we rightly desire come to pass when we have taken the clutch off.  You are completely demagnetized when you desire something too intensely.

So today let’s not be so moved.  Let’s be easy like a Sunday morning and let our ships come in on calm seas.  We are already doing the work so let’s trust and practice a little indifference.  Our heart’s desire will not become our heart’s disease.

Here’s to enjoying the ride.

How do you keep your eye on the prize while practicing a little bit of indifference?
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