I had such a great time answering these questions and sharing them on here!  It’s one of my most favorite parts about this time of year – just sitting with yourself and reflecting on all the goodness.  Anyhoot, here are the remaining questions.  If you want to answer these questions for yourself, click this link and answer them at your leisure – even if it’s before 2014.

16) Where has self doubt taken over?  Self doubt takes over when it comes to relationships.  I think it’s because I haven’t had that much experience with dating and the experience I have had hasn’t been that wonderful – so I am waiting for the shoe to drop.  I recognize when this is happening and I’m working on it rather than simply not dealing with it.  Perhaps this is self-worth rather than self doubt.  I just tend to second guess myself when it comes to my heart and trusting new people with it.

17) When have I felt most alive?  I have felt so alive this year.  I’ve felt alive while singing on stage all over the country, while swimming naked, while snorkeling in Hawaii and chasing turtles.  However I would say the single most alive moment has been this path month.  There is just something about new love.  It leaves you feeling like pure electricity that just radiates from every pour.  It’s such a beautiful feeling and I love when it touches me.

18) How have I taught people how to respect me? I don’t feel disrespected often so I don’t think this was a lesson that I learned/reviewed this year.  If anything I am learning how to respect others more and more, when it comes to not getting what I want when I want it.  Actually, the lesson to respect someone else’s wishes and actions is happening right now!  WOW! 🙂  I will do better… thank goodness for growth.

19) How can I improve my relationships? I want to fall in love and give a long-term relationship a shot.  The trick for any potential suitor is for them to accept there may be moments where I am away performing.  This isn’t going to be forever but it’s enough to put a strain on any relationship.  I’ve spent the past four years building my resume and working toward my union status, worked on myself and now I just feel ready.  Ready for love, love, love… it has been such a long time that I’ve felt that way.  We shall see what 2014 brings in this area.

20) Have I been unfair to anyone?  Yes.  There are three things I am constantly working on when it comes to other people: impatience, intolerance and … hmmm maybe it’s just two.  Whenever I meet someone new I run when things aren’t easy…. and by easy I mean going my way.  Of course, I didn’t realize this was what I was doing at the time, but I see clearly now – and that is unfair to anyone.  To run and sabotage a potential relationship because of my fear of feeling as if I’m unimportant; making my needs the focus.  So yes I have been unfair in that respect and I don’t want to be that person anymore.  YAY for growth!

21) Who do I need to forgive?  For the first time in a long time I don’t feel as if I need to forgive the hurts that have occurred as a result of previous romantic relationships.  Actually, that’s not true… I need to constantly forgive some of the hurts that have occurred as a result of previous relationships, I just think the baggage from them is lighter.  It’s still there but it’s lighter for sure.  To tell you the truth, I’m tired of carrying so hopefully I will completely let it go in 2014.

22) Where is it time to let go? I need to surrender to everything!  I say I’m a free-spirit and that I’m so carefree but I like control.  I like a certain level of order and predictability.  Life isn’t like that… especially mine.  I need to let go of how my story is going to unfold.  I just need to continue to show up and give my best to everyone and trust it’s leading me to the heights.

23) What old habits would I like to release? I’m releasing the idea that I know how it’s all going to unfold.  I need to be okay with not being in control of everything.  I just need to live in the now and milk it for all it’s worth.  I need to release the notion that people don’t value me.  Sure I know my friends love me and think I’m great, but I need to embrace that people see that I’m special and awesome even if they aren’t part of my immediate circle and dude.

24) What new habits would I like to cultivate?  I would like to develop the habit of working out 4 days a week consistently.  There will be no two-three month breaks with no exercise.  I mean that just sounds crazy to type.. LOL I would love to develop the habit of not taking things that people do so personally.  I take things personally – not so much in business but in my personal relationships.  I would like to develop the habit of scheduling my day down to the hour just so I can become even more efficient.

25) How can I be kind to myself?  I can trust that the people that enter my life for the most part do not mean me harm.  I can be kind by always responding from the best or highest version of myself.

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