2013 has been one of the most magical years of my adult life and I am so excited about what is to come. It was so incredible, exciting and fast I am having a hard time pinpointing exactly what happened – I just know how it felt and that was GOOD! I travelled, reached several milestones, and a whole bunch of other goodness. This morning while doing my morning reading I came across this article with 25 Questions To Ask Yourself before 2014. I thought it was a great way to really hone in on what made this year so awesome and to focus on what I can improve on in the upcoming year. So sit back and take a ride with me:

1) What am I most proud of this year?  I am most proud of receiving my EQUITY card.  This has something I prayed for, cried over, almost gave up on countless times only to have it handed to me in the most miraculous of ways!  I wrote all about it and if you have time you should totally read how I was blessed with my Equity card.  It was nothing but God moving mountains to get me in front of the right people that would bless me.  In August of 2012 I remember being so defeated and that I wasn’t going to audition.  That lasted a weekend and I dragged my ass to an appointment totally unattached to the results.  The result of not staying down even though I felt hopeless about my career paid off in such a beautiful way – in a way that I never saw coming.  It makes me laugh and just so grateful. 

2) How can I become a better _______?  Actrepreneur!  Being a performer should be seen as a business because that is exactly what it is.  Now that I have entered a new phase of my career it is time to really focus on ways to build my business as an artist, simply because I have the time to do so.  In addition to training consistently, my goal is to generate at least three streams of income using my craft over the next year.  The ideas are already churning and opportunities which is a sign that I am in harmony with what God has planned. 

3) Where am I feeling stuck?  This question is a little difficult for me to answer for some reason but if I would have to pick an area it would have to be my apartment/home situation.  I do not like living in New York but I feel as if I have to be here because this is where theater thrives in our country.  If I did not want to book Broadway I would be someplace else in the country and this is something that is holding me up on moving, which is a big desire of mine. 

4) Where do I need to allow myself grace?  I need to remember that I am a good person that is worthy of all the good things the world has to offer.  I recognize this on a conscious level but when it comes to relationships I think there is a part of me that doesn’t feel this way – and as a result is always waiting for the other shoe to drop or I self sabotage to just help it along.  This is coming from a low place of self worth, yes?  So yeah, I need to remember the truth.  

5) Am I passionate about my career?  Absolutely! There is so much more to do but yes, this fulfills me in such a way that allows me to experience the Divine almost daily.  

6) What lessons have you learned?  I’ve learned that people aren’t going to love you the way you love them but this doesn’t mean that they don’t love you.  I was reminded once again how important it is to keep going no matter what you may feel because the one time you decide not to show up could block future blessings.  So always show up!  With this showing up comes a sense of surrendering, so I learned to surrender to everything more and more to the Universe.  “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” – Brene Brown.
AND, to enjoy the ride!  I mean this is a journey and adventure so to savor the waiting – no matter what it may be – the job, the man, etc.  Enjoy the unfolding of it all. 🙂  

7) What do my finances look like?  This is the most amount of money I’ve made in a year as an artist and that shit felt good!  I was able to actually save since leaving my corporate job too, which made me feel like an actual grown-up.. LOL  Be that as it may, I have way too many skills and degrees to ever be broke so 2014 is going to be about creating financial abundance because I will have the time.   

8) How did I spend my free time?  Dancing, laughing, kissing, traveling, drinking.. lots of drinking and going on  amazing adventures with new friends.  I experienced so many things that I never even thought of doing in my life until they were presented with me and I was able to relish in some of my favorite past times – things I haven’t done since my early 20s.  I met so many amazing people and they just added to my joy and good times I had this year.  I practiced or invested in my craft more than I have in previous years.  I also curled up with lots of my favorite authors.   

9) How well did I take care of my body?  Er, my body – I’m still struggling with taking care of it on a consistent basis.  Emotionally eating is pretty much non-existent to be honest, which is great.  That took nearly a decade to break but it feels so good.  I think this is because I am choosing not to worry so much about things I can’t control.  I am trusting that God will work it all out so long as I do the work.  Surrendering and living in faith.  My mind and soul – I am always reading as a means to grow as a person however, there have been more conscientious in using what I am reading.  There has definitely been so much growth in this area.  

10) How have I been open-minded? I wish you could all see my face as I ponder how to answer this question.  I am pretty much open to anything beautiful that life has to offer and is a quality I love about myself.  I suppose I have been open to a relationship.  It happened later in the year, actually on November 6 that I admitted to myself that having a loving relationship was something I desired and something that was possible for me.  Yes I am open to love 🙂 

11) When did I feel most creatively inspired?  I met a great guy and I was so inspired by his goodness I just wrote and wrote and wrote… poems, songs, short stories.  It is such an amazing feeling to have a muse!  I’ve also felt creatively inspired once I got back to New York after spending a few months in West Virginia.  I am a big advocate for creating while you wait, so I wrote a book… er, I’m writing a book.  Those are the two biggest moments that come to mind and I am so grateful for those grand moments of creative inspiration.  

 12) What projects have I completed?  The Actor Brand is alive and I can’t wait to officially launch it in 2014.   

13) How have I procrastinated?  Consistently working out has been a struggle and I correlate this entirely to procrastination.  My book isn’t complete because of procrastination.  I do procrastinate but I usually get it done – procrastinating just adds a level of stress that wouldn’t be there otherwise.  It makes life more exciting.. LOL  

14) In what ways can I restructure my time?  Somewhere along the year I picked up the habit of getting up super early even when I don’t have things to do (no auditions, classes etc).  I need to maximize the day even when I don’t have to “leave the house” and that ties back into building my business as a performer.  Even if I get up and go to the gym, I need to milk every hour so that it adds to my overall growth and well being in some way.   

15) How have I allowed fear to hold me back?  The only moment I can think of in 2013 where I let my fear prevent me from doing something I wanted was in Kona and jumping off a 50 foot cliff into the ocean.  I usually do what I want if my gut is telling me it’s okay.  I could die tomorrow so there is no time to stand still NOT doing the things I want to do.  

Tomorrow I will post my answers to questions 16-25.  If you decide you want to participate let me know and share you link below.

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